About Us




Blue Door Vibes is my labor of love. Before I began this adventure, I worked as a cake decorator for a large wedding venue. I learned to work with color, texture, patterns, and prints to create beautiful one-of-a-kind creations. I have always loved the idea of repurposing something from the sea into a unique and lasting piece of art.

During my childhood in Poland, I discovered the beauty of nature. I collected flowers and leaves, pressing them in books. I also enjoyed visiting family who lived in a charming seaside resort town near the Baltic Sea. My love of nature and the ocean would continue into adulthood and are my inspiration. Blue Door Vibes combines my passions – my love of the coastline, my spirit of adventure, my respect for the beauty of nature, and my creative design skills.

It all started with summertime daytrips along the New England coast. I found myself drawn to the nautical vibes of blue doors on seaside cottages and I began to feature a portfolio of coastal photographs. During visits to local beaches, I collected extraordinarily beautiful seashells. These hand-picked shells would later become my signature hand-painted decoupage creations. What began as my avocation, would ultimately become my vocation.

My home-based studio is filled with natural light, lovingly cared for plants, and frequent visits from my wheelie dog Mishka.